Accessibility Guru and now founder/CEO of AxS Lab. Here is all the info about Daniel Göransson and how to contact him.

Who is Daniel Göransson?

Daniel has been an accessibility guru since 2008. He started doing a lot of research in the field after he became visually-impaired in early 2007.

Before that, Daniel was finishing up game developer school in Borås, Sweden. This is were he learned to plan and develop games and ideas. But Daniel has always had an interest for good, usable and innovative design. That is why he decided to combine his interests and start making accessible entertainment.

But why stop there? In class Daniel were always teaching his classmates how to do and use stuff, so now he wants to show everyone. With this in mind he started doing both written and video guides to show users how to use stuff and developers how to design smart.

What does Daniel do at AxS Lab?

Daniel is the founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of AxS Lab. This means he has to take care of everything from planning features on the site to making sure the business side is going well.

Daniel is also the main designer and planner for all things AxS Lab. All the games, guides, website and pretty much all main features.