Here is a complete list of all known VoiceOver issues. This list will be updated as we find more bugs.

The List So Far

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Must importantly, if you find bugs and issues REPORT them to and send emails to

Keyboard Command issues

Pressing any letter with Caps-Lock on acts like using shift + key. Also non-English keyboard layout users can’t use shift + 2 to go back to previous heading level 2 since only the character ”@” will do that. How the shortcuts is implemented inherits some problem, the device acts on lower case and upper case letters and on symbols instead of the way it should be – by recognizing keystrokes so that shift + h or 2 goes to previous heading or heading level 2 regardless if caps-lock is on or off and what country you are from.

To label you use / (forward slash) but it's not located on the same place on all keyboard layouts so for example on a Swedish keyboard you use shift + 7, but by holding shift it won't take the command.

Another keyboard bug is when using VoiceOver training and pressing the key ’ (single quote), the device get into a loop and makes a constant sound. Press any key to make it stop.

While on the subject of keyboard… you can't search the Item Chooser with it.


On lock screen with the new notification system there is a bug that opens the previously selected notification instead of the one you wanted. So if you tap one first then another and try to open the last one (either dragging or double tapping) the device launches the first one. This is also true if you tap first or try to unlock as well.

Notification center can’t be pulled down with double tap and hold to drag. This is too bad if you only have one hand available.


With iOS 5 and the new pinch to zoom feature – it disables VoiceOver to activate the zoom controls. The work-around is to deactivate VoiceOver and pinch in the middle of the screen (without hitting any buttons), this enables the zoom controls and now you can activate VoiceOVer and adjust the zoom.

When tapping with 3 fingers VoiceOver announce page 2 of 2, and if you swipe to the right with 3 fingers to go too page 1 you do see the previous taken photo or movie, this is all good. But if have more then 1 photo/movie you can't swipe to see them… unless you preform a double tap and hold to drag to the next screen. Now if you tap with 3 fingers you here the correct amount of media and swiping here is possible… except for going back to the camera. You have to do the same hold and drag gesture again.

Language Differences

There are a couple of things not possible with a select number of languages right now.

For one, you can’t tell if a letter is capitalized or not. This makes it impossible to read serial numbers or passwords that often contains mixed case letters. What you can do now is to change to an English voice or use a braille display.

Also, there is no phonetic names to tell keys apart like ”m” and ”n” in the same languages. In for example English, VoiceOver announce ”M - May” or ”N - November”. But there is a bug for the supported languages too... it only announce the phonetic name when touching a key, not when you swipe for next/previous.

Pitch change on questions is lacking as well. You can’t tell the phrase ”new” from ”new?” in many languages but it's possible in English, although the phrase "is that thing new?" will not be hearable if it's a question or not.

Other Issues and Bugs