With new software update comes more accessibility, this is true with Apple TV and iOS 5 as well.

Apples Hobby Gets an Update

The iPhone, iPod and iPad is not the only ones that gets iOS 5 – Apple TV also gets a little love.

Since Apple introduced there so called hobby - Apple TV - back in 2007 it has been the only device that lacked VoiceOver accessibility (except the iPod Classic). But in 2010 Apple showed a new revamped, iOS based, Apple TV which had ViceOver support. Although not accessible without sighted assistance.

Now with iOS 5 you can activate VoiceOver direct from setup. Just press the lower right button on the controller 3 times and voila the TV speaks.

One thing to keep in mind is that pressing the lower right button 3 times to activate VoiceOver only works on setup. Hopefully changes with the next update.

You can choose from the same 29 languages as with any other iOS device. Also set your speech pace with 4 different speeds, default is Normal which is number 2.

The only complaint right now is that iTunes lacks audi-described content. Which I hope is coming sooner than later.

You can expect a complete guide and a review in a not too distant future.